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Women Holding Hands | SOZO House: A Mentorship Residency Program for Women

SOZO House

A Mentorship School of Faith For Women

Mission & Vision

Revamping lives through the Word of God and rooting out life controlling problems such as addiction, The Sozo House is a minimum one-year residential mentorship school of faith for women 18+ who are surrendered and committed to getting help through Jesus Christ. 


It is our heart and vision to provide a refuge where women can come, lay their brokenness at the feet of Jesus, encounter the healing love of the Father, and be set free. We are creating a 12-18 month discipleship training program designed to get below the surface of these destructive lifestyles and allow the Holy Spirit access to deal with them at their roots through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The program is NOT a homeless shelter, an escape from prison, drug dealers, debt you owe, rehab, or a hiding place from your problems. The program IS a spiritual ministry concerned with the whole person-body, soul, and spirit. We are dedicated to helping women establish integrity with God, other people, society, and herself.

Woman praying, residency program, mentorship program, bible study classes and seminars for women
Girl Praying, a safe place to heal, bible studies for women

SOZO is a Greek word meaning, "wholeness"; wholeness in spirit, wholeness in body, and wholeness in soul (mind, will, and emotions) It is complete healing for body, soul, and spirit. 

The program offers women a safe place to heal. There will be daily structure and routine with a well­rounded schedule that includes 2 morning classes, daily Bible studies, prayer, praise and worship, and daily responsibilities like cooking, yard work, and chores. 

The Residency Provides:

  • A safe and private family-oriented home with 24-hour supervision while embracing the healing process. 

  • An atmosphere of faith, hope, peace and love. 

  • Help in developing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Daily biblical classes and discipleship training. 

  • Individual assessment and development of goals. 

  • Classes in life skills, health and nutrition, and work ethics. 

  • Seminars through prerecorded materials and in­house guest speakers. 

  • Regular Church attendance at Christ Way. 

  • EVERYTHING IS FREE of charge to the participants of the program. 

Woman studying bible, residency program, mentorship program, bible study classes and seminars for women

From Our Founder:

Lynn Gaston

Jesus. That is His name. I met Him face to face in my jail cell on June 3rd, 2002. He lovingly and powerfully gave me what I had searched for my whole life-THE TRUTH. First of all, I had no idea "Truth" was a Person. And secondly, that when I met the truth, I would know the truth, and this Absolution would set me free. 

At 13 years old I was in full blown addiction. I went through more than two decades of complete chaos, to say the least! Jails, institutions, death defying car accidents, overdosing, beat into a coma, and more. Of course there were bouts of sobriety with countless rehabs. I was off the grid, strung out on crack cocaine, and hardcore in the underworld dope game in inner-city Atlanta for many years. Survival mode was indefinite. Raped and robbed by the ravenous wolfs of addiction, I literally lost everything I ever loved because of drugs. 

I was 34 when I met Jesus and started my journey toward wholeness. I was a single mom with two boys. Receiving Him as Savior was radical! An eye-opening, full-on mercy gift! But living for Him as Lord was going to require me to become a real soldier of the Cross of Jesus Christ. I found that out when a direct onslaught of traumatic events happened 8 years after I got born again, including an extremely heinous crime on my son. Betrayed and bewildered, I had an emotional breakdown and ran away. I failed. I failed my children and God. I felt so alone, hopeless, and lost. So much regret. I was in the darkest place I had ever been. But God. His redeeming love washed over me again to repair the breech in my life. 

In 2014, I whole heartedly surrendered to the Lordship of my Redeemer, Jesus Christ. He is pure light! No more darkness, no more running and hiding. I started facing my giants and slaying my fear. God has drawn me out of many waters. He saved my life. Today, He is my life. 

Lynn Gaston Signature

Where there was complete defeat, He gave me the ability to win. Where there was delusion and fear, He gave me courage and overcoming power. I've learned that I will never conquer what I will not confront. 

I am convinced and sold out to the destiny and call He has on my life to help women cross their own Jordan river, slay their own giants, and possess their own God assigned destiny. Glory! 

Let love be the reason for everything you do. I speak the Name of Jesus over you! 

In His amazing grace,

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